"So, when are you guys leaving?" This is a question we have received a number of times over the past few days. It's funny because it feels like we should just hop on a plane and be over in Croatia next week, which would be nice. However, there is a lot of preparation that needs to take place before we actually land in Croatia. Taking a family of six half way around the world apparently takes a lot of logistical work.

Our goal is to be over there by the beginning of the summer of 2014. So what will we be doing in the meantime?

  • Figure out if we will sell our house or rent it.
  • Begin orientation and training through Josiah Venture.
  • Work on visas that allow us into the country.
  • Raise support.
  • Language prep.
  • and much more.

I will officially be done working at Harvest Bible Chapel as of Aug 31st and looking to find some other jobs to help sustain us through the next 10 months. If you have any job opportunities or ideas please let me know.

We are truly thankful to all of you who have come and checked out what we are up to. There has been amazing response to blog since it went live yesterday. Thank you and keeping checking back.