It's Over!

John Camp This past week I fulfilled my final responsibility as the High School Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel. We took 90 students and leaders for our yearly summer camp which we call Highpoint, and had life changing times of worship, teaching, fellowship, adventure, and ninja vs. pirate battles.

The theme was Jesus.



Jesus. Period.

"Shouldn't that always be the theme of a church camp?" Yes, it should. However, we wanted to be very intentional in pointing every song, every small group, and every message directly to Jesus.

It was the most powerful week we have ever had. The first night students were kneeling and declaring that "Jesus is Lord!" The second evening we had students walk through the stations of the cross and see first hand how much Jesus loves them. The third night we shouted "Christ is Enough!" and discovered that we don't need to add anything to Jesus. The week was closed out by understanding that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Although my heart was full, I was also mourning the fact that this chapter had come to a close. There were many moments of tears, hugs, more tears, notes from students, tears, praying, and an amazing song and montage from Dan Jacobsen (thanks buddy).

I am incredibly thankful for my time at Harvest and could not think of going to Croatia without my time here. Everything I have learned and experienced has prepared me to go and make disciples overseas.

Christ is Enough.

John Hinger Prayer