Learning The Language

dreamstime_m_27226944 I just recently started working at Robert Bosch Tool Corporation and it has been a wild couple of weeks learning all the lingo and terminology of this company. They have abbreviations for everything. And I mean everything. So unless you know what they stand for you won't know what they are talking about. There have been many moments where my coworkers have been talking and I missed half of what they were talking about because they were using the Bosch language. When I hear, "The BSS will be at the RTE and we need to be aware of the KPMs," I stand there with a dumb smile on my face and nod as though I understand and yet I have no clue.

Now it's interesting because every organization has it's own language. Every culture has it's own language. The little things that you think "What does that mean?" I am not even talking about the Croatian language yet. We will get there soon. I mean the little things that help you be effective in your job, your school, your neighborhood. You have to be a student of the culture or organization around you in order to succeed.

We are taking this entire week to be trained on the language of Josiah Venture. So far we have learned the vision, mission, core values and story of JV. It has been deeply encouraging learning this language though. We have heard from people who have been serving on the mission field and in ministry for longer than we have been alive and to hear of the stories of what God has done fires up our hearts. It can feel like your drinking from a fire hose at times but, it is so wrapped up scripture and Christ-centered that we have loved learning it.

We are excited to be a part of a ministry that wants to see a move of God amongst the youth of Central and Eastern Europe and they are passionate about seeing this move of God within the local church. Because God says he will accomplish his work through the church. We are looking forward to the years to come working towards this vision.

I know I will be in Croatia with a dumb smile on my face and nodding and yet having no idea what is being said around me. In those moments I need to remember to ask and not worry about looking like a three year old in my communication skills.  We are there for a greater purpose, to see a move of God amongst the young people in Croatia.