Missionary Monday - Daniel Reimer

This is the second installment of an ongoing series called 'Missionary Monday.' To see the reasoning behind it and who was featured last week go here.

Daniel Reimer


Daniel is one of those guys that is just naturally cool. He is ridiculously talented when it comes to photography and videography and has a huge heart for students. The great thing is that he would hate me saying all these things. I got a chance to talk to Daniel and was really impressed by his humility. The guy is so talented and everyone talks about how amazing he is and yet he never comes across as arrogant or overly confident.

He went with a team from his church to Albania to help run an English camp in the summer of 2012. After helping that week he knew that he wanted more than just a two-week experience with Josiah Venture. Deeply impacted by his time in Albania, he started putting together a short film about the mission trip for his church. While editing, Daniel began praying that God would open a door for him to return to Central and Eastern Europe. A few months later he received an invitation to spend six weeks in the Czech Republic working on specific media projects at JV’s headquarters. After spending time with staff and learning more about the organization, it became very clear to him that this was the open door that he had prayed for earlier. Using his skills in video production and photography, Daniel will serve on the creative communication team, where he will help develop discipleship materials and provide other creative resources and support for the entire JV family. He plans to move to the Czech Republic in the spring of 2014.

Enjoy some of his work below. My favorite is the student testimonies.







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