No Shave November - #beardsforCroatia

BFC November. It's the month you put your razor away and allow your face (or legs) to grow as much hair as physically possible. It's rich history is debated amongst beard growers but it is thought that November was the month a man grew his beard so that his face would be warm throughout the cold winter months. It has evolved over the years as an excuse for men to not shave and compete in hair growing escapades. It has also become a way to raise awareness for different causes and charities.

I have decided to grow a beard this month to raise awareness for Croatia. Specifically for the need that is there and for the support our family needs to get over there. It will all be under the banner of #beardsforCroatia.

What are the goals?

  • Reach 25% of our monthly need by the end of November. Right now we are at about 10% of what we need each month to live and run ministry in Croatia. Our goal is to take that to 25% this month (doesn't sound too hard, right?). The biggest factor keeping us from moving over there is the finances. We cannot leave until we have 100% of the funds in.
  • See 10 people join the #beardsforCroatia team. So you have already begun to grow some type of facial hair, join the team and when people ask you why you are growing a beard use it as an opportunity to talk about Croatia and what our family will be doing there. Then send them to this website for more info.
  • See 50 people join Prayer Team. Whenever you see a beard, which will be a lot this month, pray for our family. Pray for God to use us, for the gospel to be spread, for the transition of our kids into Croatian schools, and whatever else God lays on your heart to pray for.

What do you need to do?

  1. Read This Letter (it explains what we will be doing and what our exact needs are).
  2. Pray about partnering with us monthly and then give online here or print this response slip and mail it in.
  3. Grow a beard.
  4. Join the Team
  5. Spread the love.
  6. Watch as my patchy beard grows in.

Drop a comment below if you want to join the team.