Missionary Monday - Landen & Jenny Llamas

20131111-140135.jpg I really enjoyed meeting Landen and Jenny a few weeks ago. Their story is as unique as it is cool.

Landen is from southern California and Jenny is from the Czech Republic. Landen and Jenny first met in 2005 at an English Camp organized by Josiah Venture. Landen came to serve with his short-term missions team, and Jenny was the Czech translator and a summer intern with Josiah Venture. As their own relationship grew, so did their love for ministering to Czech young people. It was clear that God was bringing them together to be a powerful team that would use their intercultural marriage as a tool to share the love of Christ with Czech people. For the past few years they have been living in California serving in their church in student ministries. Landen and Jenny are excited to partner with Josiah Venture to bring encouragement, resources and skills to the local church and build relationships with Czech people with the hope that many will find salvation in Jesus Christ. They are excited to work with a local church to reach and train up the next generation of Czech Christian leaders who will transform their churches and their community for Christ.

A second part to their story that really got me excited was Jenny's upbringing. She grew up in a strong Christian family in the Czech Republic which as a total anomily because of the culture and anti-religious climate that existed. It was how her parents came to know Christ that stirred my heart. Jenny's mom wanted to be a nun and her father didn't have any desire towards God but someone was running a Bible study at their high school. Her mom showed up because it had to do with the Bible and her dad showed up because she was there. Through this Bible study they both came to know Christ and raised their family to know Christ. Now she and her husband are going back to Czech to do the very same thing that helped lead her parents to Christ.

There is a need in Central and Eastern Europe for young people to hear the gospel and have people invest in their lives. This is why we are moving over there.

Excited for Landen and Jenny and how God uses them in Czech Republic. They are currently raising support and hope to begin serving full-time with Josiah Venture in the summer of 2014.