House Show Pics

We had such a great night last night at the house show. Almost 40 people crowded in our house and enjoyed the musical talents of Sam Arias and Sara Masterson. It was such a blessing to be around friends and just have a good time. I had the opportunity to share why we are headed to Croatia and invited people to partner with us in the journey. It was my first time actually asking people to partner with us by giving. It felt strange but is a massively important part of this process.

I want to say a huge thank you to Amy, Dave, and Kirstie for putting the whole thing together. Thank you to Sam and Sara for sharing your gifts with us. If you haven't listened to their stuff please follow the links to their pages. And a big thank you to Steve Chellappa for snapping some pretty amazing shots of the night. All the pictures below are his handiwork. Check out his site by clicking on his name above.

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