Free Book!

Josiah Venture

As we prepare to move over to Croatia we have been blessed to be a part of something that is far bigger than just our family. We are joining a team. A team that has been working with the youth of Central and Eastern Europe for twenty years. A team that has clear vision to see a move of God amongst these youth that is occurring through local churches and seeing society changed.

This team is obviously Josiah Venture which we have mentioned a number of times before. As we have learned more of this organization and their heart for the young people of this area our hearts have grown as well.

"Alright, alright get to the free book part!"

Ok, ok. Josiah Venture has recently put together a book. It's called Deep Dive and it is free in it's Kindle version. You don't have to have a kindle in order to grab it you can simply download the kindle app on any smartphone or tablet and  you can get the book that way.  It is a compilation of research on what ministering to the youth of Central and Eastern Europe looks like. Here is a little explanation of the book:

During 2012-2013, six teams from twelve national organizations of Josiah Venture, bringing the gospel of Christ to the emerging generation in Central and Eastern Europe, embarked on a qualitative study of their ministry environments. Through the Deep Dive Project, 90 youth leaders conducted 422 in-depth interviews in Slovenia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, and Slovakia. Their objective was to see more clearly and understand more deeply the youth and youth leaders they serve. This book is about what they discovered.

So go grab a copy of it. It's only free for today and who doesn't love free stuff.