A Highlight From Our Make A Wish Trip

As we drove home one night from a long day at Disney we heard from the back seat, our two year old slur, "I unna go roatia!" Amber and I looked at each other. What did he say?

He said it again, "I unna go roatia!"

Amber asked him in an attempt to clarify, "You want to go to Croatia?"

His response was a gleeful "Yah!"

We were in shock. We couldn't believe that he just said that.

The next morning I thought, let's see if that was a one time thing.  I grabbed my phone, pushed record, and asked him where he wanted to go. Below you can hear what we heard.

Some may say it's a coincidence, or that he was just repeating what we say, but we believe God is preparing the hearts of our children for the adventure ahead.