2013 = Change and 2014 = Promise

20131231-234242.jpg Last night Amber and I took a walk and reflected on all that God had done for us in 2013. Everyone has been posting their Flipagrams or Statigrams showing a recap of the year in pictures (you can see mine below). They are a wonderful fad that has forced people to reflect.

For us, it was a year like no other.

  • Amber and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.
  • We made a bold decision to follow the Lord's leading and decided to move our family to Croatia and work as missionaries.
  • That decision changed everything.
  • I no longer work at the church.
  • We no longer live in our home.
  • And we are now trying to raise support to get us over to Croatia. (if you want to partner with us please follow this link).

2013 was a year where we experienced change around every corner. And it has completely changed the direction our family is headed.

We are filled with anticipation because 2014 is filled with promise.

  • The promise of God's faithfulness.
  • The promise of God's grace.
  • The promise of God's provision.
  • The Promise of God's leading.

What promise will you hang on to in 2014?