Griffin's Birthday, 12 Donuts, and Making Memories

20140121-071735.jpg Yesterday we celebrated Griffin's fifth birthday.

He is a magical child.

I haven't met anyone who has interacted with him who hasn't walked away enamored by his magnetic personality.

In an effort to make the day special, Amber and I devised a plan. The kids had the day off school for Martin Luther King Day so I asked my boss last week if I could take a personal day on Monday. He approved and the plan was in motion. On Monday morning I got ready to go to work as I normally do. I said my goodbyes to the kids and wished Griffin a Happy Birthday. However, instead of going to work I went to our families favorite donut shop, Harner's. (If you have not had the pleasure of eating a donut from Harner's and you live in the Chicago area, I am sorry but you have not fully lived.) The moment I walked back through the door announcing to the kids that I was taking the day off was priceless. Their eyes lit up and we began celebrating Griffin's birthday by diving into the special delivery of luxurious donuts.

Now that doesn't happen for every kid's birthday but it made me realize the importance of making memories with our family.

Give it a try.

Change up the routine.

Find a way to celebrate something with your family this week.

Go jump on a bounce house with your kids.

Surprise a friend at work by showing up and taking them to lunch.

Make memories with the ones you love.

It is always worth it.