sold Crazy right?

We still can't believe it.

So many of you helped us spread the word about the sale of our house. As a matter of fact because of the power of social media and other people sharing we had around 8000 views within the first 48 hours!

Thank you!

We originally decided to do 'For Sale By Owner' in an attempt to maximize the amount we could walk away with. As we continue to raise support to move over to Croatia I will eventually need to quit my job and raise support full time. Our hope was that we could make a little money off of our home to cover those expenses.

Well, after only two days of having the sign in the yard we had an offer on our house! We worked out an agreement with the buyers and have begun all the paperwork.

The great part about all of this has been the fact that we have been praying with our kids for God to bring the right buyers. He definitely answered our prayers. The young couple buying our house is fantastic. They love Jesus and were so inspired by the fact that we were moving into missions that they wanted to find out how to support us even if they didn't end up buying the house. Not only that the young man's father has been practicing cardiology for a number of years and I had a chance to talk about Griffin with him. He told us that Griffin could have free check ups with him whenever we were back in the states. Talk about God bringing the right buyers! We couldn't be happier about the people moving in to our home. Continue to pray that all the paperwork and inspections go smoothly.

We hope to close in the next 4-6 weeks.