Please Pray for Griffin's MRI Today

1382336_10151934169525365_423818088_n Right now Amber and I are taking Griffin to Lutheran General Hospital for an MRI of his heart. You may remember a few weeks ago when when we took him in for a check up of his heart and the doctor thought he saw a narrowing in an area of his arteries which appeared to be affecting the flow of blood to his heart. As a result of that check up last month we had to schedule an MRI.

So why the MRI?

Our doctors and surgeons all met to discuss what ought to be done for Griffin. Half of them thought nothing needed to be done and that we should come back in a year. The other half thought it would be good that since we are leaving the country to have a baseline image of his heart so that we can compare future images to this one. Eventually they all agreed that the MRI was the least invasive procedure that would give the best images they needed. This way they can send us off to Croatia without any questions or concerns.

It seems pretty straight forward however, it still doesn't make the experience any more bearable. It brings back a rush of feelings and emotions whenever we bring Griffin in for testing. If you remember it was three years ago when, not once but twice, we had to be rushed into the PICU after testing was done. It was a traumatic time and going back in to this world brings up many questions in hearts and minds. The great thing is that we have been told countless times by nurses and doctors that there is nothing to be worried about so we can go into tomorrow with confidence. That's easier said than done.

Needless to say we need your prayer. Probably more for Amber and I than anything. We need prayer for peace and an ability to trust in Jesus. We would also love your prayers that they wouldn't find anything wrong in the MRI of Griffin's heart.

We keep reciting Isaiah 41:10 as a reminder.

"fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Thank you for your love and friendship.

I will keep you posted with what happens.