Following the Leader With Foggy Glasses

I began running at the end of March. It seemed like a good idea since technically it is "spring." I use that term loosely because in the two weeks I have been doing this I have now ran in snow, rain, negative temperatures, and today there was definitely some thunder and lightning. But I am determined.

I usually get up before the sun and run through Blackwell Forest Preserve. It's dark so I wear a headlamp to see. And as most of you know, I wear glasses. I stopped wearing contacts long ago and have worn the frames ever since. It makes for a difficult time doing any type of exercising though. They flop around or in the case of this morning the fog up like crazy.

So now you can picture what I look like as I run: A burly man gasping for air every step of the way with a headlamp and foggy glasses.

This morning as I ran my glasses were extra foggy and I could only see one or two steps in front of me. Interestingly enough I found it helpful because usually I'll see a hill and begin to play mind games and psych myself out. Some of you runners out there love hills. I think you're crazy because I dread the little ramp at the end of the sidewalk. But through everything this morning I was reminded of how God leads us. We are called to follow him but most of the time we only see one to two steps ahead and we have to trust him with what lies beyond. He helps us get up the hills, deal with uneven footing, and shines a light exactly where we need it. We just have to follow the leader even though we have foggy glasses.

Suddenly the verse that says 'His Word is a light unto my feet' takes on a new meaning.

So whatever you're facing today; whether it's uncertainty of the future, fear of test results, or a big decision, God will show you exactly what you need to do next. He will show your where to step and where to go. Trust him and keep following His lead.