God Is Always At Work

As we have been raising support to head over to Croatia, there have been many ups and downs throughout the process. But what has been fascinating is that God has always been at work each step of the way.

I want to share with you a few of the undeniable God moments from the past year of support raising. 

  1. A couple had told us they wanted to support us a while ago and they knew money was tight and it was going to be a sacrifice to give but felt led to give anyway. The day after they set up their giving they were notified by their employer that there was a mistake in how they were processing his salary and that he would be receiving double what they had just committed to supporting us! 

  2. There is a family that began supporting us almost from day one, not just financially but have been a huge encouragement through the entire process. Amazingly while we are on a trip to Canada they texted me and told me they were going to double what they were already giving! This was amazing because they were already giving a very generous amount. Their lives have taught us so much.

  3. We have some lifelong family friends who have consistently surprised us in their giving. I keep thinking "Did they mean to increase their giving?" The answer has always been yes.

  4. I'll never forget when a family member wanted to be the very first ones to support us. Getting that first donation was a confirmation of what God was calling us to do. Since then we have seen many family members come alongside and support us. 

  5. I have shared before about one woman who gave out of the money she inherited from her mother. She gave because she knew her mother would be thrilled to give to missionaries who were doing missions as a family. 

  6. A young man walked up to me after a service at church and handed me a check saying "I believe in you and want to support you." Since that time he has not only been incredibly supportive but his giving has increased over the last year. When I asked him why he replied, "I got a raise at work so I upped my giving."

  7. Some of the giving has come from truly unexpected places. 

    • Former high school students who are in college and giving very generously

    • The Young Adult community that I had the privilege to be a part of at Harvest has blown me away with their giving.

    • We have 3 different missionaries that support us! Yes, you read that right missionaries supporting missionaries... seems odd but has been a huge encouragement to me and a challenge to be generous with what God has given. 

    • People that I went to high school with but haven't spoken to in 16 years have begun giving. 

    • Businesses that have given a portion of their profits.

    • The people who bought our house gave us a donation! How crazy is that?

    • People we don't even know have begun giving monthly.

I could go through each name on our list of supporters and tell how you an amazing story of how God has worked through their giving. I write this to encourage others who might be on the same journey or maybe you just need to hear about how God provides. I know I need to be reminded daily of what God has done for us and how he is always at work even though I might not see it.

I still get fearful. I still wonder how Is God going to do it. I ask over and over, "How can we raise the remaining amount?" In those moments I'm reminded of a message that Pastor Ron taught about memorial stones in our lives. As I look back, I see each of you as a memorial stone reminding us of what God has already done. 

Thanks to each of you that read this blog and pray for our family. Thank you to each of you who have given sacrificially to help get us to Croatia so that we can share the gospel with young people. It is humbling to receive from others and never have I been so keenly aware of the need to rely on others in the body of Christ. 

Thank you for partnering with us.