It's Good to Be Home

I actually got back on Tuesday and since being home my time has been filled with family and jet lag. Nothing like crashing at 7:00 PM every night. But it is good to be back with my family and to hug and kiss them whenever I want. 

To give a quick recap of the trip, I spent the first week in Czech Republic for some meetings and a conference. You can read more about that here. The last part of my trip was spent in Split, Croatia where we will be beginning our ministry with Josiah Venture and working with the local churches. 

It was a really helpful time in Split where I had the opportunity to meet with a number of people and learn more about the city we will be working and living in. I met with pastors, real estate agents, young people, and school officials all with the hope of gaining a clearer picture of where we ought to live and where we can jump into working with young people. It was also a really neat experience to have Croatians pray for our family. They were asking God to help us raise the remainder of our support so we could get there and begin ministry! I was humbled.

Although it was difficult leaving my family for so long, it was a productive time and we are looking forward to making the move soon!

Here is a compilation of videos and pictures from my time in Split.