Calling all Closers!

It's October. 

If you have walked outside at all, I'm sure you have felt the full effect of fall. 

With fall comes baseball playoffs. 

Now, I admit I'm not a huge baseball fan but there is a beauty in playoff baseball. 

If any of you out there are like me, meaning you know very little about the game, let's educate ourselves together about a critical player on each baseball team. There is a guy called the Closer or Finisher and their job is to help close out the game and protect the lead. It's simple, they come in toward the end, pitch an inning or two and help get the W. They are crucial to a teams success. A good Closer is incredibly valuable. 

There have been a number of famous Closers throughout the years: Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage, and Mariano Rivera just to name a few. You may remember some of them more for their facial hair...

So here is our need.

We need some good closers.

Some people that can come in and get us to the end of the game. 

Will you be our closer? Can you give $50 or $100/month and help us reach our monthly need and send us to Croatia?

Close us out by clicking below.