Leaving On A Jet Plane... In 3 Weeks!

It's as official as it can be. 

Yesterday we purchased one way tickets to Croatia. 

Dec 16th, 2014 is the day the Hinger family moves to the mission field. 

That's only 3 weeks away. Yikes!

There is much to do in these last weeks as we prepare, and it's easy to get stressed but we are also trying to just enjoy the moment. We have been talking about and planning for this for over a year and yet it still feels strange that it's actually happening. I guess it's the normal patterns of transition and the grief that comes from leaving all the familiar behind. It comes in waves. It will be a wave of giddy excitement about what we are about to embark on and then a wave of sadness or a wave of fear. It's something they taught us at our missions training and it's the paradox of emotions that will simultaneously exist as you transition. It's the, "This is great, we are going to do what God has called us to do!" and also the "This is awful, we have to say goodbye to the people who mean the most to us and to all that is familiar and comfortable."

I have talked a lot about financial support over the last few months and you have responded. We watched God do some tangible miracles in the area of finances. Now we need your prayer support as we transition in this time. It's critical for us to have individuals and families that would be willing to lift up our family in prayer.

How can you pray for us? I'm glad you asked. 

Pray for:

  • All the logistical details to come together. (housing, vehicle, residency visas, etc)
  • Peace. It is a slightly chaotic season right now with checklists of things to get done and we need supernatural peace.
  • Our children. Each child will respond differently as we move and we need discernment in helping them each navigate their own individual journey. 
  • Our marriage. If there is one thing the enemy wants to attack is our family and it begins with Amber and I. Pray for unity, love, and grace. 
  • Health. That we don't get wiped out by some form of the Croatian flu (if there is such a thing) when we get there. 
  • Open doors for ministry.
  • Pray scripture over us and then send us an email with the verse. 

God may lay something else on your heart to pray but these will help you get started. 

Thank you and we hope to see as many people over the next couple weeks and say our goodbyes.

Disclaimer: In case you saw the image of the boarding pass that said First Class we are not flying first class I found this website that allows you to enter your info and generates a fake ticket. I know some of you were thinking that it must be nice to be a missionary and fly first class.