Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

Many of you saw the two Instagrams from Monday. They simply show that we are almost done with this support raising process and all we need to raise is just under $1000/month.

So far nothing new. 

I promised something exciting.

Here it is. God has been so faithful throughout this entire process and he proved himself again on Monday. I spoke to one of our incredibly generous supporters on the phone and he came up with an idea. He said, 

"What if I match what people give! That way we can get you over there sooner!"

My response was a sputtering, shock-filled, "Um..., yeah...., wow...., that sounds like an amazing idea. Let's do it!" 

Bottom line: This donor will match up to $500/month! Which, if you do the math, means if we raise $500/month he matches with his $500, and that's it folks. Support raising, done!

If you can give $50 it becomes $100, if you can give $100 it'll become $200. Whatever you can give will be doubled. With this opportunity we can chew up the remaining support in no time. So what are you waiting for, click that 'I WANT TO HELP GET THE HINGERS TO CROATIA' button below and let's crank this out!