This Is The One We've All Been Waiting For


Over the past four days something remarkable happened. God took what seemed like a difficult last $1000/month to raise and brought it all in. In very quick fashion might I add. 

We were blown away by the response to the matching campaign. People responded in a hurry and we were able to get our number of people needed down to 0! 

The feelings and emotions are still catching up in the flurry of it all. Even in announcing this I think to myself, "Do we really have it all? Don't we still need something else?" But no, we have reached 100% of our outgoing and ongoing support!

We could not have gotten to this point without the Lord and without each of you who have given sacrificially and generously. We are humbled, blessed, amazed, and joyful at this news.

Thank you. 

If you still want to give, by all means go for it and we will make sure there is an extra room in our house for you when you come to visit us.

I'm sure the next question you probably have is, "So, when will you be leaving?" 

Good question. We have a few remaining logistical things to take care of before we can depart, things like visas, shipping, vehicle and a place to live when we arrive. We also need everyone who pledged to begin to give so that we can book our tickets. Our goal is to be there sometime in December. Be praying that everything falls in to place so that we can see that happen. 

Thank you again to each of you. You have blessed our lives, our family, and our faith more than you will ever know.