We Have Landed

I am fighting my heavy eyelids right now so that I can update you all that we have arrived. The flights over went exceptionally well and amazingly none of our 12 pieces of luggage were lost. 

We were greeted at the airport by Josh Patty and Mladen Kocis who helped us get all our stuff to the place we are staying and left us with a vehicle. It is such a blessing to have a place to stay and a vehicle to to get around.. It's about 20 minutes outside of Split but is a great little spot. After Josh and Mladen left we sat, we were tired, slightly overwhelmed, and thankful all at the same time. To make sure no one was falling asleep we decided to go for a quick walk and see the area. Here are a few shots from our first family walk in Croatia:

I will be totally honest and let you know that I have fallen asleep a couple times while writing this. So if there are spelling mistakes and obscene grammatical errors, I apologize. 

Tomorrow we will figure out phones and visit the city of Split. 

Thanks for all your continued love, prayer, and support.