Apartment Hunting, Mumbling in Croatian, and New Friends

We have been in Croatia for a total of six days. A lot of it has been shrouded in a haze of jet lag, which is an interesting journey on your own but then add in four young kids and it's a recipe for movies, snacks, and games well after midnight. 

In our time so far I have become quite good at mumbling the few Croatian words I know as I buy groceries. I can say enough Croatian to allow me to appear like a local however, then the employee will start rattling off a whole lot more that I have no clue what it means. This prompts me to just blurt out "I'm not from here!" and hurry out with my bags of groceries. As a result I am highly motivated to learn the language and will begin studying in the new year.

The apartment search has been slightly stressful. Trying to understand how the 'system' works and not understanding what the realtor and home owner are saying to one another is slightly frightening. We were even told our family was too big for one apartment. I think they saw our family and said "no thanks." Thankfully we landed on one apartment that we will probably be signing the papers for tomorrow. It's right down the street from the school our kids will be attending and not a far walk from the city. Here is a shot from the outside (not all of that is ours only part of it). 

Thankfully through it all we have become friends with an American couple that has been here for four years. They had us over for dinner and helped walk us through all the things we needed to do over the next few weeks and months. It was a relief to know others who have walked this road already. 

Other than asking what day it is or getting stressed while driving down really narrow streets we are doing well. We are thankful to each of you and appreciate your love and support.