We Got An Apartment!

In my last post I had mentioned that we were about to sign some papers for an apartment. Well we never ended up getting that place because the guy wanted six months rent up front! Plus the deposit. We politely said no thanks and proceeded to spend our Christmas searching for a place. 

We finally landed on a spot that we get to have for the next five months. It's right down the street from the kids' school and the kindergarten. And although we don't get the place long term it will give us time to find something that isn't fully furnished and then we can ship the rest of our stuff over. 

One of the highlights of the whole process was getting to know our realtor better. As we signed the contract (while having coffee, every important business deal is done over coffee) both the landlord and the realtor began to ask me why we would move our family to Croatia. It gave me an opportunity to share our testimony and tell them about Jesus and how we are working with a church to reach out to young people. They both nodded in approval while sipping their Turkish coffee and smoking their cigarettes. I loved every minute of it.

We will move in tomorrow and then begin the process of enrolling our kids in school and also working on our visa stuff. 

We get the apartment on the 2nd floor. The owner lives on the ground floor. 

We get the apartment on the 2nd floor. The owner lives on the ground floor.