Why You Need To Cancel Your Plans For Next Summer And Come Intern With Josiah Venture in Croatia

I don't care what your plans are.

Cancel them. 

This has the potential to change your life. Forever.

If you graduated high school in 2014 or earlier you can spend the summer interning with Josiah Venture in Central and Eastern Europe and have a massive impact in young peoples lives. 

And why not come intern in Croatia and help us kick off our first summer of camps and ministry. 

As I write this almost 100 interns from all over the states are in central and eastern Europe sharing the gospel with young people. 

Talk to your parents, your boss, your spouse, or whoever you need to and let them know your plans for next summer.

Begin planning to spend the summer interning with us now.  

Here is a little taste of the first few days the interns experienced this year. They all participated in an "Amazing Race" throughout Slovenia before receiving training and heading to their assigned countries. 

Shout out to my boy Daniel Reimer who filmed and editted this video. Check out more of his work over at his blog