New Website! New Goal!

I started blogging last year when we announced that we were moving to Croatia as Josiah Venture missionaries. It began as an opportunity to give a glimpse into the life of our family lives as we embark on this journey. It has been a fun way to update everyone on our progress and journey. And we have received a lot of great input and connections through the blog. 

Now as we draw nearer to our departure date I wanted to shift the focus to what we need to see happen in order for us to depart. 

A year ago the list of everything we needed to do before departure was long:

  1. Sell the house.
  2. Complete missions training.
  3. Raise support.
  4. Find temporary job.
  5. Quit job when it was time to do 100% support raising. 
  6. Figure out where we are going to live.
  7. Pray for a team.

Now the list is simple:

  1. Raise the remaining support.

We have checked every other box on the list now we simply need to raise the remaining support. Will you pray about joining our monthly support team and helping us get the remaining $6500/MONTH needed. That's all that stands in the way. 

Thank you. We are blessed by so many of you who have come along side us and others that are about to come along side us. We can't do this on our own.