American Muscle, Family, and Fire Pits

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit with our wonderful family and greater friends Donny & Kristi Vanker. They have been an amazing support to us throughout this process and we love them deeply. Our families have walked through a lot together.

The weekend started off with a huge fundraiser for the First Step Foundation a non-profit that Donny runs. It is an organization that focuses on helping people who are paralyzed and helping them walk again. The evening was teamed up with a premiere of American Muscle, a new show that will be airing on Discovery Channel, July 9th.  The show focuses on Mike Barwis and his gym where he trains professional athletes but also helps people who have been paralyzed to walk again. It's inspiring stuff, and at some point during the series they will be featuring our nephew Hudson. Do yourself a favor and record the series on your DVR now because you will love it. Here is a trailer of the show:

Throughout the rest of the weekend we just had a lot of have fun together. Together we have eight kids ranging in age from 3-11 and they play from early morning to late at night. We made a trip in to Ann Arbor and saw the farmers market and stopped by the famous Zingermans cafe. The pour over espresso was phenomenal 

On Saturday we did a team building project with the whole family. We made a fire pit together and then made a massive fire where many a s'mores were made. It was a blessing because they wanted something remind them to pray for us every time they see it. I'm sure with a massive 5' fire pit in the back yard we will be receiving a lot of prayer. 

We love you Vankers!

Prayer Request

Please be praying for our nephew Hudson as he needs a new kidney. There are a few individuals going through the process to see if they are match so that they can donate their kidney to Hudson. Pray that there is a match and that surgery would go smoothly and could be scheduled quickly.