Back to School...

I am sure you have seen it already. Pictures flooding Facebook and Instagram of kids on their first day of school. Usually we are right in the mix but it has been a different feel in our house this year. 

Our kids aren't going back to school. 

No, this isn't a post of how we have switched to home schooling and why you should too. 

Our kids aren't going to school because the next school they will go to will be a Croatian one. It is a pretty wild thought but it's reality. 

You might be asking, "When is that going to happen?"

Great question. We are praying and working really hard to be fully funded by September 15th (if you haven't had the chance to partner with us yet go here). This will allow us to arrive sometime in October and place our children in school at that point. So instead of putting the kids in school for a month and then pulling them out again we have chosen to keep them out and do a little bit of home schooling in the meantime. 

It is a little sad not putting the kids back in school and I think they are feeling it too. Griffin has been asking to start kindergarten and Eli and Eden would jump back in with all their friends in a heartbeat. Flynn doesn't care because he doesn't even know what school is. However, this is part of their journey. The journey of their lives as missionaries. Little missionaries in the Croatian schools. Pray for them as they enter a massive harvest field. I thank God for each of them and the huge plans he has for their lives. 

One of the best lines I heard while we were at training in Colorado was, "What if God called you to be a missionary so he could prepare your children to do even greater things for his kingdom." That is our prayer.