Living in Limbo

This is for anyone who has ever been through, or is going through, a transition time in your life. That period of time that's 'in between' the different seasons of your life.

  • The graduate from college who is working at Starbucks trying to get their career started. 
  • You just lost/quit your job and you're trying to find a new one.
  • It could be the engagement season for young couples.
  • Or awaiting test results from the doctor. 

Being in limbo is a period of waiting. I am not sure who came up with the term of something being in limbo but it has a sense of uncertainty. That nothing is settled yet. Everything is up in the air.

I googled Limbo and found out that it was a term the medieval Catholic Church used to refer to the edge of hell. Which, I think, if you talk to anyone who is going through a career transition they'll tell you it feels like you're on the edge of hell. 

Anyway you look at it being in limbo is not enjoyable. 

We don't like to wait. 

We want results. Now.

However in the waiting, in the process, God has rich treasures for us to learn and grow from. 

  1. He will teach you patience. As I tell our kids patience is 'waiting with a good attitude.'
  2. He will teach you about faith. In times of limbo, like never before, you will be on your knees praying, seeking God and leaning in to his Word.
  3. He will give you the gift of endurance. As it says in Romans 5 endurance is beneficial because it produces in us character and hope.
  4. He will show the strength of community. In the body of Christ we are called to stand alongside one another and in these seasons you can see what true community is meant to look like. 

Our family is living in limbo right now. We are finished with work here but haven't yet moved to Croatia to begin work there. It's a difficult time because I want to run ahead of God. To somehow 'will' things to happen fast. However, we have to trust that God will provide and do it in his time. Lots of people ask us, "So when are you guys departing?" It could be one month from now or a few months down the road. We don't know. We are praying and trusting that it would be earlier rather than later. But that's the challenge of living in limbo; it's the unknown. Wondering when is this all going to work itself out. And yet it's in this time that God reaches down with his hands and grabs you by the face, like a father would with his young child and says, "Will you trust me?"

We have heard this from the Lord countless times over the past year.

Will you trust me?

Yes we will because as Hebrews 6:19-20 says, "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf."  

That's why we can trust God. 

I know we aren't the only ones living in limbo and I hope this can be an encouragement to others of you who might be in the same season of life. You have a sure and steadfast anchor for your soul and his name is Jesus. 

John Hinger Family