Renewed Vision

For the past week I have been surrounded by 300 national and international youth workers. It has been an unbelievable experience.

When we break into small groups and pray I hear four or five different languages. 

The central focus on making disciples who make disciples encouraged my heart.

I love it. 

What stirred my heart the most was that the individuals who were in my small group were all either led to the Lord through Josiah Venture or influenced to reach young people by Josiah Venture. They represented Czech Republic, Ukraine, Finland, Hungary, and myself. Their stories were each different, but their passion was the same. To see young people come to know Jesus, be discipled, and then equipped to do the same. Here is a story of a young man from Slovenia whose life was changed.

It is clear to see that there is a movement of God amongst the youth of Central and Eastern Europe. God is using individuals in the local church to make disciples who make disciples. Lives are being changed as a result. 

Now as I sit in Prague awaiting to board a flight to Split my heart is full and expectant of what God wants to do in Croatia. We are asking God for a movement amongst the young people in Split, Croatia. A movement that would find it's home in the local church and transform the city we live in.

Join me in praying for this movement.