Staying Connected (aka: we'd love to hear from you)

Some of the greatest moments over the past few weeks have been hearing from so many of you. We've received emails, texts, comments, or FB messages all telling us that you have been thinking and praying for our family. In the moments where we have felt stressed, fearful, or overwhelmed God has always prompted someone to write us a note. It means the world to us. Thank you. We feel the support and love. Along with these messages many of you have asked for our address so you can send letters or packages to our family. 

I realized that I haven't shared our address or ways for people back in the states to stay in touch. We would love to hear from you. Yes, you. So to make it as simple as possible I am giving every possible way that you can write, call, or send a smoke signal. 

  • iMessage & Facetime - Thank you apple for making it so simple to text and video call people anywhere in the world.
    • John's iPhone - +385 99 758 0040
    • Amber's iPhone - +385 99 758 0041
  • Google Voice - If you don't have iMessage and would like to shoot us a text you can send it to our google voice account. You can also call and leave a voicemail and we will call you back. It's the same as sending a local text or call so don't worry about any crazy fees.
    • 331 472-7507
  • Skype - The good old fashioned way of doing a video call. Add our name as a contact.
    • Skype name: Hingtastic
  • Mailing Address - For all those packages or letters you have been dying to send here is where to send it: 

John & Amber Hinger

Ul. Bla┼ża Trogiranina 9a

21000 Split, Croatia

  • Social Media - You will find the most regular updates of our family on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so make sure you friend request or follow both Amber and I. 
  • Email - Of course there is always email
    • John:
    • Amber:

Thanks for being such a huge part in this transition process with us. As of today we have been in Split, Croatia for 4 weeks! We would not have been able to do it without all of your love and support.