New Teammates!

We are excited to announce that the Josiah Venture team in Croatia is growing! As you may or may not be aware we are a part of an organization called Josiah Venture. JV is in 14 different countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe. In each of those countries there are teams of nationals and North Americans working toward seeing a movement of God amongst young people. A movement that finds it's home in the local church.

So far we have been the only ones here in Croatia. In this beginning phase of working in Croatia we have four initial tasks: 

  1. Pray for Croatia and it's people.
  2. Learn the language.
  3. Identify churches to partner with.
  4. Establish a team.  

As we have focused on these tasks God has prompted a young couple to join us in working here in Croatia. The best part is that they are Croatian! Mladen & Judita have been living in Slovenia for the past six years and were focusing on their schooling when they were introduced to Josiah Venture by the team up there. A short time later they got involved and began serving in the local church as youth leaders and eventually became full time staff with the JV team in Slovenia. They began reflecting on why they were in Slovenia and the focus had shifted from school to working with young people. God then pressed on their hearts to return to Croatia and work with young people in their home country. Now Mladen & Judita are stepping out in obedience and faith as they join us down here in Croatia. We could not be more excited about having them come. We love their hearts for the Lord and for young people and can't wait to serve together.

Introducing Mladen, Judita & Jure Kočiš

Mladen, Judita & Jure Kočiš

Mladen, Judita & Jure Kočiš

They are still living in Slovenia at the moment but hope to be down here as soon as they can raise the remaining $1000/month they need. Please pray for them as they work to reach that goal. Raising support over here looks very different than it does in North America. If you are interested in helping this family reach the young people of their own country you can give by clicking here