Our Container Arrived

To set the stage, we moved out of our house in the fall of 2013 and moved majority of our things into storage. Fast forward 14 months and we packed twelve bags to bring over with us seven months ago. We haven’t seen or used some of our things for the least 20 months! To say we were excited about getting the container was an understatement. There were honestly things that we had forgotten we even had. It was Christmas in July!

The biggest answer to prayer was that we were able to get the container through customs without having to pay the VAT tax here in Croatia. They wanted to charge around $3500 USD because the date on our residency cards wasn't what they wanted it to be. It wasn't wrong, it just wasn't what they wanted for their customs forms. There is a saying here that you have to show your teeth in order to get things done and to gain respect from the locals. Well I didn't get aggressive but I also didn't back down. I just kept pestering the agent with lots of questions and eventually he found one piece of paper that had been written back in February and managed to file the paperwork with the customs officer. It was a huge answer to prayer because that was a cost we had not budgeted or planned for. 

The only down side to the container coming in July was that we were in the midst of a stifling heat wave. I'm talking about having to change three or four times a day, kind of heat wave, because everything is dripping with sweat. Lots of carrying boxes up and down stairs and sweating. There was one sweet surprise we stumbled upon and it was a box labelled 'mystery box.' Someone had snuck it in and it was filled with super soakers, toys, sports stuff and coffee items. Huge shout out to The Loudermilks, Ross, Dave, and Tracy for their generosity, thoughtfulness, and creativity in sending their package. It was a huge hit and came at the right time. It will probably take us a while to fully unpack everything but our apartment is starting to feel like a home. I also want to say a thank you to everyone who helped pack up the container in Warrenville. We are overwhelmed by your desire to love and serve our family. Thank you so much!