Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a term that has been around for a while. It refers to a child that spends a significant part of their developmental years outside their parents' culture.

We have four of them. 

There are great advantages to being a TCK; they can be multilingual, culturally aware, have a broader world view, and experience traveling to foreign countries. However it also has it's disadvantages; they can feel like they don't fit in anywhere, they have to constantly say goodbye to friends and loved ones, they are expected to endure lots of cultural adjustments, and they can wrestle with not having a sense of place. Josiah Venture has recognized this and they put in a lot of effort to invest in, disciple, and encourage all the TCKs that are a part of this organization. 

Our older two were able to experience this first hand a couple weeks ago when they attended their first JV kids camp. It's a camp that is specifically for TCKs and the staff takes the time to shower each kids with love and helps provide them with a place where they belong. Our kids were challenged by God's word and encouraged in their faith. 

It was easily the highlight of the summer for Eli & Eden and probably the highlight of our entire time here so far. Amber and I can't say enough about Mel & Amy and all the JV staff who gave up their time to show love to our kids. 

Thank you!

Wacky costume day at JV Kids Camp

Wacky costume day at JV Kids Camp