Coming to America!

In case you missed the email newsletter we sent out a couple weeks ago: We are Coming to America! 

March Madness is here, and not just in the form of a basketball tournament. The Hinger family is making a quick trip back to the Chicago area for two weeks this month and we would love to see as many of our friends, family, and supporters as we can. I will get to the dates in just a moment but first let me explain why we are coming back. 

Some of you may remember that we have team mates here in Croatia that are nationals, Mladen and Judita Kočiš and their one year old boy, Jure (see the picture below). They have been such a blessing to us in the short time they have been here in Split, in more ways than I can explain in this short post. They have been working diligently at raising support over here in Croatia and Eastern Europe and have arrived at about 50% of their needed support. This is great work considering how difficult it is for nationals to raise support over here. In the midst of their support raising God brought an amazing opportunity to partner with a new church plant in Seattle. They as a church would like to support them but also invited them to come visit so they could set up meetings, dessert nights, and appointments to try and raise the remainder of their needed support.

Which leads us to why we are coming to Chicago. I (John) will be traveling with Mladen, Judita, and Jure to Seattle and helping them with their presentations, meetings, and even preaching at their church this Sunday. We decided that since they are going to be in America that it only makes sense to have them come to Chicago. That way they could meet the people who have helped us get to Croatia and give us the chance to share their story and support raising needs as well. Maybe some of you are thinking "OK, but what about Amber and the kids?" I'm glad you asked, it's nice to know you care about them too! Instead of leaving them all alone for a few weeks they will meeting up with us in Chicago for the second part of the trip. The kids have a spring break and since we won't be coming back for a home assignment until next summer (normally we will return every two years and next summer is two and a half) we thought a quick trip to connect with family and friends would be a great opportunity. 

So when will this all happen? Here are some key dates:

  • March 4th - John and Kočiš family fly to Seattle
  • March 11th - Amber and the kids fly to Chicago (Amber will need extra prayer on this day as she tackles international travel with four kids by herself)
  • March 11th - John will fly to Chicago to meet up with Amber and the kids
  • March 13th - Our family will be at Harvest Naperville for the 11 AM service
  • March 14th - Mladen & Judita fly to Chicago to join us
  • March 15th - Dessert Night/Meet & Greet with the Hingers and Kočiš at 7 PM at the Bieber's house
  • March 16-18th - Meetings with supporters and potential supporters for the Kočiš family
  • March 18th - Mladen & Judita fly back to Croatia while our family stays to spend time with family. 
  • March 26th - Hingers fly back to Croatia all together. 

The most important dates I want to highlight are that we will be at Harvest Naperville on March 13th and the Dessert Night on Tuesday March 15th. Mark those on your calendar! We especially want to invite everyone to come out on March 15th where we are going to give an update about what God is doing here in Croatia and also allow everyone a chance to meet Mladen & Judita and hear their story. Our main priority for this trip is to help the Kočiš family raise the $1500/month they need in support. If you would like to set up a meeting for coffee, breakfast, or any other meal especially to meet Mladen & Judita and hear how you can support them please send me an email and I will get it scheduled.

Can't wait to see you all and eat some Portillo's!!!!